Together We Will See It Through: Lindenhurst shop builds message of hope for village

A message of hope has been posted in the village square in Lindenhurst to inspire the community to stick together as we all navigate the COVID-19 crisis.
The massive banner reads Together We Will See It Through. It was built and erected by The Holy Black, a men's product company specializing in old-school barber products started by Matty and Stefan Gaudio - brothers who grew up in Lindenhurst Village and recently moved their shop and warehouse there.
Photo: Box Visuals
The banner was inspired by one being sold by Oxford Pennant, a Buffalo-based designer and manufacturer specializing in retro pennants, flags and banners. Proceeds from Oxford Pennant's Together We Will See It Through banners are going to the World Health Organization's COVID-19 Response Fund. Oxford Pennant is encouraging people to post the message in their windows, similar to the rainbows many have displayed to spread cheer and hope.
Stefan Gaudio says he was inspired to make their grand gesture while shopping for a gift on Oxford Pennant's website.
"I was buying a pennant as a gift on their site, saw this design and it just struck a chord," he  says. "It really felt like something you'd see during World War II, and I thought it was a great rally cry for communities struggling right now."
Gaudio says he brought the idea to his brother, who then contacted Oxford Pennant and Lindenhurst Chamber of Commerce to pitch the project. Gaudio thanks both for making the project possible. Moved by the slogan, he says he wanted to share that message at a local level.
“I'm honestly quite humbled and flattered by their effort," says Dave Horesh, of Oxford Pennant. "The project clearly took a lot of time and effort on their part and it's a beautiful testament to their love for their  hometown.”
Photo: Box Visuals