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The Real Deal: Dine-in deals and ways to bring down your bill

From dine-in deals to family-style – News 12’s Kristie Reeter gives you the Real Deal.

Kristie Reeter

Jun 16, 2023, 11:55 AM

Updated 371 days ago


A night out for dinner can add up, so is there a way to bring the bill down?
From dine-in deals to family-style – News 12’s Kristie Reeter gives you the Real Deal.
At Claudy’s Kitchen in the Bronx, the motto says it all.
“We have tried to stay true to our core, which is ‘Un Buen,’ which means good value, good cost and a nice product,” says owner Richard Berroa.
Berroa has advice about some of the good values people should watch for while dining out.
First, look for family-style.
“You get the chicken, salad and then you get a choice of two small sides," says Berroa.
For the sides, Berroa recommends going carb-heavy if you have a bigger family.
"Go with the fried rice, which is more filling, or one of our pastas," says Berroa.
Another tip is to be sure to ask about what deals they have for those dining in.
"Two empanadas and a beer for $12.99 and the three empanadas, whichever ones you want, mix and match for $11," says Berroa.
Claudy’s has been a part of Latin Restaurant Week, which aims to support local businesses in the greater New York area.
Black Restaurant Week is starting soon to help people discover places.
News 12 also checked in with partners at Investopedia to see how restaurants are doing.
"Restaurants in New York have made a pretty solid recovery, but still remain slightly below 2019 levels," Investopedia's Caleb Silver says. "We lost a lot of restaurants and a lot of restaurant jobs over the past few years and that's kind of leveled off so far this year. Restaurant reservations are only up about 2% as of last month and that could change as we go into the summer." 

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