The East End: Lewin Farms

Along with vegetables, they are known for their U-pick berries and fruits.

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Aug 14, 2023, 10:16 AM

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It’s a 1,000-acre farm where you can pick your own food and enjoy some homemade treats.
Lewin Farms has a history that began in the 1930s.
That’s when Dewey Lewin and his wife started farming on Sound Avenue on the Calverton-Wading River border.
Today, the fourth generation of the family is farming what is close to 1,000 acres.
Along with vegetables, they are known for their U-pick berries and fruits.
The farm grows 10 varieties of peaches, including the unique shaped donut peaches.
“The classic is just the yellow ones. That's what we grow the most of and what most people want, the nice big round yellow peaches,” says Eric Lewin, of Lewin Farms.
In mid-August, you’ll find some blueberries to pick, but there is plenty of raspberries and the increasingly popular blackberries.
Later this month, you can also pick squash, tomatoes, peppers and eggplant.
Lewin also has a sprawling farm stand that is very popular.
They are also doing something for adults.
“We've teamed up with North Fork Brewing Company in Riverhead. Last year we did just one flavor. We did the peach beer. This year we got started earlier with it and they did a strawberry blond ale this spring and that sold out. Right now we still have our blueberry, Blueberry American Ale right now and then very soon we're going to have the peach beer back as well,” says Lewin.
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