The differences between allergy and coronavirus symptoms

Allergies are causing some anxiety for sufferers this year, as some symptoms can be confused with the coronavirus.
Common allergy symptoms are headaches, sneezing, coughing and closed sinuses. Some of those symptoms cross over with coronavirus symptoms.
Daniel Steiner says even though he gets allergies this time each year, he was concerned, especially when he sneezed or coughed.
Dr. Dean Mitchell says the No. 1 symptom that sets allergies and COVID-19 apart is the fever.
"The two other really distinguishing symptoms with COVID is loss of taste and smell - you do not get that with allergies," said Mitchell.
Doctors say because of the mild winter, we can expect high pollen counts from now until Memorial Day.
Doctors also recommend that allergy sufferers wear a mask outside even when alone to help filter out the pollen.