Over 30 teachers, employees at Amityville SD told they are losing their jobs

More than 30 teachers and employees in the Amityville School District have been told they’re losing their jobs and won’t be back next year.
One parent told News 12 she thinks “it’s horrendous.”
Nakia Wolfe is president of the Amityville Teachers’ Association. Wolfe said 32 members of the union, largely classroom teachers but also guidance counselors, social workers and an attendance teacher were given notice.
“These are lives that are being impacted,” Wolfe said.
In a letter to the community, the Amityville superintendent said the district has an “operational deficit of approximately $3.6 million from the 2022-23 school year.”
Superintendent Dr. Gina Talbert said that the “primary drivers contributing to this reduction” include “services for students with special needs within and outside the District, increased costs for safety and security needs, increased costs due to unanticipated charter school enrollment, and increased health insurance costs.”
Talbert added that some grants will expire this year, “requiring the District to make personnel adjustments due to loss in funding.”
The district said class sizes will “increase to pre-pandemic levels” in the 2024-25 school year. The superintendent said in addition to teachers, central office and build-level support staff are impacted by the cuts.
News 12 has confirmed that in addition to the 32 members of the teachers’ union losing their jobs, a custodian was also told that they are losing their job.
News 12 is waiting to hear back from two unions representing other employees in the district.
Statement from the district: