Take a spooky, and not so spooky walk into Tanglewood Preserve in Rockville Centre

There’s Halloween fun for everyone at Spooky Fest on this Road Trip: Close to Home.
At the Tanglewood Preserve in Rockville Centre, the Center for Science Teaching and Learning transformed 16 acres of grounds into one big Halloween scene.
There are two Halloween experiences in one event, so you choose just the right amount of fright at night for your family.
The not-so-spooky walk - is just that! As you walk through the woods, a colorfully lit Halloween story comes to life.
All of the Halloween characters you meet along the way are friendly. You can even come in costume.
But if you want fright in the night, walk - or run - through the abandoned cemetery if you dare.
You never know who, or what, you’ll encounter. Creatures of all kinds inhabit these haunted woods.
The eerie quarter mile hike may leave you breathless as you try to make it out.
The Center for Science Teaching and Learning is a nonprofit, all proceeds go to help them with their programs and wildlife rescue.