Syosset Central School District responds to video showing student in a cage

The Syosset Central School District is responding to a video posted to Snapchat that is causing a stir by showing a student in a cage during class.
School officials say the video was taken at Syosset High School. They say what the video shows is part of a science experiment that is done every year.
The video shows a student in a cage on the floor while a teacher stands over him zapping the cage with an electrical prod. The teacher is heard saying, "You guys have to wear your masks. It's important."
The district issued a statement saying, "Each year, advanced physics classes at Syosset High School learn Faraday's Phenomenon of Electric Shielding using an activity that is common in school districts and universities, during which students volunteer to personally experience being protected inside a continuous metal enclosure that harmlessly blocks any electric charge applied to it. During this year's demonstration, the physics teacher extemporaneously joked about mask wearing, which we understand some might consider to be in poor taste."
District officials have not said if any disciplinary action will be taken against the teacher.