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Suspect identified in illegal dumping of household trash in Pine Barrens

In this particular illegal dumping case, the subject was identified by deputy sheriffs and faced prosecution.

News 12 Staff

Sep 1, 2022, 9:09 AM

Updated 657 days ago


The Suffolk County Sheriff’s office says it has identified suspects in the illegal dumping of large amounts of household trash in the Pine Barrens found on Aug. 13. 
According to officials, when illegal dumping is discovered, Pine Barrens enforcement officers send any information they obtain to agencies that are part of the Pine Barrens Law Enforcement Council. The receiving agency then handles the investigation and prosecution of the illegal dumping.
The council found lamps, desks and boxes piling up in the protected woods in Yaphank. In this particular illegal dumping case, the suspect whose name has not been released, was identified by deputy sheriffs and faced prosecution. Officials say he eventually cleaned the entire area at his expense and paid a fine.
"The Pine Barrens are one of Suffolk County's most valuable resources. This area contains wildlife habitats, hiking trails, and overlies our drinking water aquafer. Any illegal dumping in the Pine Barrens puts this area at great risk. I commend my Deputy Sheriffs for their hard work in investigating this ongoing threat to the Pine Barrens," says Sheriff Errol Toulon.
Calverton resident Jonathan Bushong lives next to the Pine Barrens and says people have created their own personal dumping grounds.
"The fact that people are just dumping trash out there that's just awful and disgusting," says Bushong.
Officials say there have been at least five cases of illegal dumping this year.

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