Supporters rally for man who claims he was beaten by Nassau police

A rally was held Thursday in Hempstead for a man who claims he was brutally beaten by a group of Nassau Special Operations police officers.

Friends and family of Rondese Hilton-Jones, of Roslyn, attended the rally outside the Nassau courthouse in Hempstead. Supporters say the attack happened during a traffic stop on Courtenay Road in Hempstead in May 2018. They say Hilton-Jones suffered several injuries, including a herniated disc, nerve damage, Taser burns and a large gash on his head.

Hilton-Jones was in court today for a hearing in connection with his conviction for resisting arrest. He also faced charges of tampering with evidence after police say he swallowed a bag of crack cocaine. He was found not guilty on that count.

According to Hilton-Jones' lawyer, officers never performed any tests at the hospital to see if he had actually swallowed drugs.

Hilton-Jones will be sentenced on Jan. 29. He faces up to eight months in jail.