SUNY schools on LI report new COVID-19 cases

SUNY schools on Long Island are reporting new coronavirus cases.
According to the state's SUNY COVID-19 tracker, there have been 22 infections over the last two weeks reported at Stony Brook University. There have also been eight cases at Farmingdale State and four at Nassau Community College.
Across New York, there have been 921 cases - nearly 600 of those at SUNY Oneonta.
Amanda Muro is a SUNY Oneonta student who became infected with COVID-19 while at school.
The Centerport native just started her freshman year at SUNY Oneonta, and says shortly after moving in, she and many others tested positive for the virus.
Since then, she's been in quarantine with her roommate, who also contracted the virus.
“I got tested Sunday and I got the call Thursday morning that I was positive. So it took quite a while for the results to come out. It really wasn’t good because I was positive from Sunday, living in my dorm, going to the dining hall and I was kind of transferring it to whoever I came in contact with," she says.
In addition to a fever, Muro says she's had other symptoms, but is recovering.
Muro says she is heading home to Centerport this Tuesday where she will finish the rest of her semester online.