Suffolk officials say red-light cameras working despite more crashes

Crashes are up at Suffolk intersections with red-light cameras, although county officials say the program is in fact working.
A three-year study paid for by the county shows that accidents have gone up by nearly 60% at Suffolk's 100 intersections with red-light cameras.
Legislator Tom Cilmi says the increase is "frightening" and proves the program should end.
But the same study shows that accidents with injuries or fatalities are down by 11%. That's encouraging to Legislator Sarah Anker, who says the program is working and worth keeping. But she admits changes are needed, which is why she says the report disappoints her.
Pete Matra, who's received numerous red-light tickets, says the cameras are needed but the program should focus on safety rather than making money.
The county executive's office and the research firm that did the study have not returned News 12's calls.
The study comes as the Suffolk Legislature considers renewing the red-light camera program later this year.