Suffolk Dept. of Health: Contaminants found in private drinking wells in Calverton

The Suffolk Department of Health says that it has found contaminants in private drinking wells near the Grumman Facility in Calverton.
Several residents in Manorville say their drinking water is contaminated with dangerous chemicals, and the Citizens Campaign for the Environment tells News 12 the chemicals came from work done over 20 years ago at the former Navy site.
Adrienne Esposito, of Citizens Campaign for the Environment, says Suffolk County recently tested well water at about 100 homes in Manorville and found that 15% of them have drinking water contaminated with a chemical called PFAS - which can cause cancer.
She says the chemical leaked into the ground and eventually over the years got into the well water at homes in Manorville more than a mile away.
Residents tell News 12 they'd like to be switched from well water and get hooked up to the public water system. Several say they don't even drink their tap water, and that they rely on drinking bottled water.
Esposito says Sen. Charles Schumer and Rep. Lee Zeldin are asking the federal government for grant money so the homes impacted with the contaminated drinking water can be hooked up to the public water system.
News 12 reached out to the Navy and Suffolk County to get statements about the well water in Manorville but has not heard back.