Students at North Coleman Road Elementary School learn importance of Harriet Tubman

Third graders at North Coleman Road Elementary School Tuesday learned about Harriet Tubman on Harriet Tubman Day.
"They honored her because she helped all these people to get out and not just to help herself," said Aubrey.
As part of the Middle Country School District's efforts to incorporate equity and diversity into the classroom, the students learned about the Black woman who started life as a slave, and later led many more slaves to freedom on the Underground Railroad.
Students also learned about online research and how to ask questions to learn more about the former slave, who was involved in the women's suffrage movement and during the Civil War, was a U.S. Army spy, scout, nurse and cook.
Educators say the goal with recognizing Harriet Tubman Day is to ensure that equity and diversity are talked about not just one one day of the year, but everyday.
"When we think about Middle Country, we're thinking that Middle County is a place where equity, diversity and inclusion is part of everything that we do," said Rachel Ndembera, chair of the Equity and Diversity Committee.