Strike for Black Lives protests outside Nassau County Republican Committee for HEROES Act

A Strike for Black Lives group protested outside the Nassau County Republican Committee Monday to encourage them to pass the HEROES Act and push for racial and economic reform for minorities on Long Island.
Tens of thousands of people across the U.S. walked off their jobs to Strike for Black Lives and protest racial inequality. Members of 32BJ SEIU, one of the nation's largest service workers unions, demanded for Republicans in Washington, D.C. to pass the act and stand up for Black Lives Matter.
The workers say their union is predominantly made up of people from Black and Latino descent.
The HEROES Act would provide more peopIe hazard pay and extend unemployment benefits for essential workers like building service staff, many of whom have had heightened exposure to the pandemic.
Demonstrators say they hope their messages were heard on Long Island by Republicans and across the nation.
News 12 reached out to Nassau County Republicans for comment.