Stove used for heating blamed for Thanksgiving that left one man homeless

A Thanksgiving evening fire on Bedell Street in Freeport has left one man without a home.
According to Freeport Fire Department 1st Assistant Chief Albie Gonzalez, dozens of firefighters responded to the fire that rendered the home no longer habitable. Initial investigations suggest the fire originated from a pellet stove intended for heating the house.
While the homeowner was not present during the incident, his two dogs were inside. Assistant Chief Gonzalez stated, "The two dogs were taken out by the members of the department, out safely, vet checked on them they're in good condition."
Nassau County's Chief Fire Marshal reported heavy fire conditions with hoarding inside the house. The Hazmat team was called in to remove propane tanks but wasn't directly involved in extinguishing the fire. Thankfully, no injuries were reported.
The house on Bedell Street is now deemed uninhabitable following the Thanksgiving fire, which authorities confirm began externally and extended into the walls. The homeowner declined to be interviewed.