Stella D'Oro workers strike over bittersweet deal

Stella D'Oro plant workers celebrated their Labor Day Monday by striking over less than sweet contract negotiations.
The workers have spent three weeks fighting to keep jobs company executives threatened to ax in favor of non-union workers. Employees say the company is cutting benefits and reducing wages. They say Stella D'Oro has given the striking employees a final offer outlined in a letter that indicated the company would replace the workers unless they accepted their contract as is. At least one employee says he thought the letter showed "a total lack of respect" for workers.
Employees say they may be subjected to as much as a 75 percent pay cut that would reduce an $18 an hour employee?s salary to $14 by 2013.
Some workers say they?ve already seen their positions posted on the Web site Craig?s List. The union president says he is prepared to spearhead a boycott of Stella D'Oro goods if the company refuses to negotiate in good faith.
Calls to Stella D'Oro were not returned.
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