Southside Hospital doctor energizes co-workers with sports movie monologues

The coronavirus has hit Southside Hospital's emergency department hard, but a little Hollywood magic has helped bring some energy back to their hardworking employees.
Dr. Matt Schwartz says the stress of working at a hospital has been intense, and he noticed a few weeks ago that it got to be too much.
"Everyone was overwhelmed," says Schwartz. "People were short with each other, it was a different feel in the department."
So Schwartz tried a different remedy – he got up on a chair and unleashed his inner Al Pacino from the movie "Any Given Sunday."
"It got people hyped up," says Schwartz. "Then the next day everyone was like, 'We need a speech, we need a speech.'"
Schwartz's speeches are now part of his weekly COVID-19 fighting routine. Also part of his repertoire – Rocky Balboa and "Remember the Titans."
As well as "Miracle," the movie about the 1980 gold medal-winning U.S. hockey team.
The reenactments have become a rallying cry for the department through these tough times. And when Schwartz gets going, people listen.
"You see people dropping what they're doing, cheering him on, paying attention," says Dr. Sanjey Gupta.
Schwartz says there is no shortage of good speeches to use, and he won't stop as long as hit team needs it.