Southampton police say missing man found dead near his home

James Thomas Lee, 81, was found dead Tuesday around 12 p.m., behind a home near where he lived in North Sea, according to Southampton police.
Lee, who had Alzheimer's and other health issues, was known as Robert to his family and friends, had been missing for nearly a week.
He was first reported missing on Jan. 24, when a family member went to his home and saw that the front door was open and the stove was on.
Family members tell News 12 they can hardly believe his body was found so close to his home.
"What really gets me the most is it was so close to home, just a couple doors down...It was just kind of...whoa, what happened? I mean we went from you know possible sightings and you know thinking he's going to come home know, he didn't make it." said Robert Hite, Lee's nephew.
Denise Smith-Meacham, Lee's niece, said "We want people to pray for Robert's family, his children, because this is a lot."
Southampton police said although no criminality is suspect, the Suffolk County Medical Examiner's Office responded and will continue the investigation.