Sound Beach man sentenced for running human trafficking ring out of parents' basement

A Sound Beach man will spend the next 9 1/2 years in prison for running a human trafficking ring out of his parents' basement.
Raymond Rodio III was sentenced Tuesday.
The 48-year-old pleaded guilty in February to multiple counts of sex trafficking.
He admitted to forcing more than 20 women into prostitution over a five-year period.
Stacie Saunders says her 20-year-old daughter, Danielle, was a sex trafficking victim of Raymond Rodio.
She says Rodio got her daughter addicted to drugs and forced her into his sex trafficking operation.
Saunders says her daughter died of an overdose in January 2019 - before police arrested Rodio.
“She got caught up. Caught up and made promises and hooked on drugs and she’s gone,” she says.
She says the trafficking ring Rodio ran caused her daughter’s death.
Suffolk District Attorney Tim Sini says the basement of Rodio's parents’ Sound Beach home was a dungeon for more than 20 women – where he kept them locked up and would bring men in to have sex with them.
“He forced women in sex slavery. He got them addicted to drugs, he used their addiction to control them. He took their money to pay for their drugs. And he pled guilty. He pled guilty in February because the evidence was overwhelming,” said Sini.
Rodio spoke in court before sentencing, telling the judge that the whole case is based on statements from individuals with no credibility and that his sentencing is absolutely ridiculous.
Rodio’s parents declined to speak with News 12, but said in the past that they had no knowledge of the sex trafficking operation being run in their basement.