Some states see COVID-19 spikes amid Memorial Day restrictions

It's a time to honor those who paid the ultimate sacrifice for this country.
But with restrictions from coast to coast, and some states seeing a spike in coronavirus cases, this Memorial Day is unlike any other.
The coronavirus can't stop this day, but has changed it - especially in the nation's capital.
The National Park Service's open air memorials are open to visitors, but wreath-laying ceremonies are virtual, to avoid attracting large crowds, like the ones seen at beaches over the weekend.
Some people heeded warnings, others went against the rules.
In Daytona Beach, Florida, crowds of more than 5,000 people not socially distancing caused concerns.
Officers say one group was recording a rap video.
Meanwhile, states like North Carolina and Arkansas are seeing major coronavirus spikes.
High numbers of new cases have also emerged in places like Maryland, Virginia, and Illinois.