Smithtown residents report tampered mail, missing money

Smithtown residents report tampered mail, missing money

It appears more than 50 people in Smithtown have had their mail tampered with since late last year.
Jessica, who asked that News 12 Long Island not reveal her last name, says she was going through her mail last week at home in St. James when she noticed a birthday card she had retrieved from her mailbox had already been opened.
“I knew something was up,” she says. “When I opened it, the gift card that my sister-in-law had sent was missing.”
Jessica has a locked mailbox, which would indicate her envelope had been opened before it got to the house. Video from outside her front door does not show any suspicious activity.
Suzanne Bono experienced a similar situation. She, too, received an opened birthday card last week. She later found out that a $100 gift card had been stolen.
“It's becoming an epidemic right now,” says Bono. “It's just upsetting. It's not a safe society, it's not a good society and a world that I'm proud to bring my child up in anymore.”

The tampering seems to have started around the end of October and then picked up around the holidays at the end of the year. It has continued ever since.
Bono and Jessica both say they contacted their local post offices to report the incidents.

“The woman on the phone kind of made it sound like this has been happening a lot lately,” says Jennifer.

They're also both hoping that the person, or people, responsible are soon caught and severely punished.

“The person needs to be stopped and they belong in jail,” says Bono.

The U.S. Postal Service told News 12 Long Island that it's aware of the situation in Smithtown and is looking into it.