EXCLUSIVE: Shannan Gilbert estate attorney says he has heard 911 tapes in Gilgo case, calls them 'extremely valuable'

John Ray, attorney for Shannan Gilbert's estate, spoke to News 12's Eileen Lehpamer about the 911 tapes in the Gilgo Beach murder case that he says he was finally able to hear.
The tapes were turned over after a lengthy legal battle with the Suffolk Police Department.
VIDEO: Full interview with attorney John Ray:

Ray says he received discs with four emergency calls made the night Gilbert disappeared. It includes Gilbert's call and calls from witnesses.
While Ray won the legal battle to receive the recordings, he is barred from discussing specifics of what was said.
He did, though, give his opinion, saying, "The tapes are extremely valuable, and extremely interesting, not only for myself and ultimately for the public. I can also say we're going to need voice enhancement due to the nature of the voices."
In response to a request for comment, Suffolk police said, "Pursuant to the decision by the New York State Appellate Division, we have turned over the recordings to the attorney."
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