Several LI college sports teams registered and ready with an off-day to vote

Sports teams at Long Island's college campuses are getting ready to start up their postponed seasons soon. But that preparation will be put on hold for one day in the name of voting.
Hofstra University's Athletics Department was an early adopter of a plan to give athletes Election Day off. Hofstra made that decision way back on June 11 -- three months later, the NCAA made it a rule for all universities.
"Quite frankly it wasn't that difficult, we had a conversation, we knew it was the right thing to do and we made the decision," says Hofstra Athletic Director Rick Cole.
The rule gives athletes more time to vote on Election Day if they live in the area, and schools also taught out-of-town athletes about the absentee process.
At Stony Brook University, flyers went up about voting across campus. At Adelphi University, a registration table was featured prominently.
Thanks to efforts like that, eight Adelphi teams are 100% registered to vote. One of those teams is the women's basketball squad, whose head coach says that's a big win.
"They are the future, I think it's important for them to go out and cast their vote," says coach Missy Traversi. "It's an exciting time for change and they get to be part of that change."
Adelphi Athletic Director Danny McCabe says the move isn't just a move during presidential election years -- it'll come every year.
At Hofstra, 10 teams are fully registered, thanks in part to the efforts of field hockey player Frankie O'Brien and the Student Athlete Action Committee.
"It makes me happy to hear that we're doing this not because we have to do this, we want to do this and we think it's an important thing to do," says O'Brien.