Sen. Carlucci introduces bill to tax online companies for using people’s personal data

State Sen. David Carlucci introduced a bill in Albany that would tax online companies for using your personal data.
Carlucci, who represents Rockland County, says the 5% tax on tech companies' gross revenue could then be returned to New Yorkers in the form of a rebate check at the end of the year, similar to Alaska's yearly oil dividend.
However, the plan has many skeptics, especially some Republicans in Albany, who bristle at the idea of a non-business friendly tax. Long Island Sen. Phil Boyle says the data tax could discourage tech companies from investing and calling New York home.
Boyle also says he doubts the tax would ever really be a revenue source for residents. He says the data is valuable, and New Yorkers should be compensated in some way for it.
Boyle also says that this bill is not the way to do that.
Carlucci says his bill is similar to others proposed in states like California, and that there will always be data collection and New Yorkers shouldn't be taken advantage of.
The bill is currently in committee up in Albany.