Secret Santas across LI paying for gifts on layaway

A Hempstead woman went into a Walmart today to make the last payment on a gift for her mom she'd put on layaway, but she received a gift of her own.Shatoya Couley was shocked to find out her outstanding balance on the Barnes and Noble Nook was $0. An anonymous donor had come into the store and paid off the gift before she could. Managers at stores across Long Island are reporting similar stories. Secret Santas are going into stores and paying off strangers' layaway tabs before the holidays. Renny Remsaroop, manager of a Walmart in Nassau, says he got to tell one customer her layaway balance had been paid off. "She started crying," he says. "Her husband had just lost his job. She wanted to thank the customer, but the customer didn't want to speak to her, she wanted to be anonymous." Managers at the Kmart in Farmingville say six people have come in since Friday to pay off $1,400 in layaway balances. They say all of those who donated asked specifically to pay off balances made up mostly of toys and coats.