Seaford father accused of overdosing at movies with children

A Seaford father is accused of endangering the welfare of his children, after police say he passed out from an overdose while at a movie theater with them.
Police say 36 year-old Nicholas Anastasio overdosed while watching "Trolls" at the Seaford Cinema. They say he snorted the opioid, fentanyl.
Anastasio was with at the theater with his children, aged 6 and 2.
Police say an off-duty Nassau officer who was at the theatre Tuesday, saw Anastasio sweating profusely and pass out. He went to his car to get Narcan, but it did not revive him.
Investigators say a second round had to be administered by emergency responders. Anastasio was arrested after he regained consciousness.

Anti-addiction expert, Dr. Jeffrey Reynolds says fentanyl is 50 times more powerful than the average dose of heroin.
Police say Anastasio's kids were not injured, and that they were released to a family member.
News 12 visited Anastasio's home on Wednesday, but no one came to the door.