Scooter safety training allowing Bronx residents to travel safer

Bronx residents are traveling a little safer after attending Lime NYC’s first ride academy scooter safety training on Wednesday.
The electric scooter company, which now has been in the Bronx for six months, allowed participants to sign up for LIME’s equity pricing initiative called Lime Access, which provides major discounts to those that are eligible.
“I've been through a lot of emergencies, and a lot of New Yorkers would understand,” one e-scooter rider told News 12. “When we had to power our subways and not running. There's no way of getting to work from home in emergencies. You're able to use alternative transportation.”
“Anyone who is receiving any local state or federal assistance, or anyone involved in a program, they will be allowed to use our discount and feature just kind of program lime access,” said Nicole Yearwood, Senior Manager of Lime NYC.
Lime NYC hosted the training to encourage safer riding and responsible parking.