Scientists, health officials warn that herd immunity to COVID-19 is unlikely in the US

Scientists and health officials are warning that herd immunity to COVID-19 is unlikely in the U.S. as businesses are preparing to reopen just in time for the summer season.
Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced Monday a major reopening with capacity restrictions being lifted.
Now communities like Long Beach need to figure out how to balance revitalization and safety.
"We know that it's not just going to be flip the switch, everything is back to normal and everybody's coming out," says Kristin Reynolds, president and CEO of Discover Long Island. "This is a phased-in approach as it always has been for us, and we support that. We want people to get out when they're ready." 
Dr. Alan Bulbin, of Catholic Health St. Francis Hospital, says getting vaccinated is where it all starts. He says if you have immunity then you can assess your own risk for going out.
Experts say as people get out more and do more, they'll be tracking COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations and vaccinations to look for trends.
According to the state, 36% percent of New Yorkers are fully vaccinated and 47% have had at least one dose.