Safety seminar offers tips for boaters as season gets underway

A free boating safety seminar was held in Patchogue Saturday morning to help make sure Long Islanders have everything they need to stay safe on the water as the boating season gets underway.
The seminar was organized by the Patchogue Bay Squadron of America's Boating Club, and it comes during National Safe Boating Week.
It was a hands-on event, and people who came down go tthe chance to fire off signal flares and learn the proper way to use a fire extinguisher.
Boaters were also schooled on how to put on a life vest -- which officials say is the most important piece of safety equipment anyone can have on board their vessel.
"The uncomfortableness of wearing a life jacket at all times is worth it, if you end up in a boating accident and you wind up outside your boat, and it saves your life," says Petty Ofc. Caelan Harshaw, with the U.S. Coast Guard.
The group is also offering free boat safety inspections. Interested boaters can schedule an inspection at the Patchogue Bay Power Squadron's website.