Sachem North cheerleaders sign petition to change COVID-19 protocols before state championship

Some high school cheerleaders across New York are pushing back against a COVID-19 vaccine requirement that could affect who competes at the Competitive Cheerleading Championships.
In order to compete at the state championship at the Rochester Institute of Technology, all of the competitors need to be vaccinated, as per the school COVID-19 policies. 
Cheerleaders from Sachem North School signed a petition to have the championship moved to another venue or let unvaccinated cheerleaders compete. The online petition has more than 14,000 signatures. 
If the Sachem North cheerleaders win the county championship next week, they will move on to the state championship in March. Currently one-third of the team is unvaccinated. 
Sachem North High School is one of many Long Island schools participating in the cheerleadering competition at the county level on Feb 19.