10-year-old boy raises awareness, money for breast cancer following mother's diagnosis

A 10-year-old from Roslyn used his mother's breast cancer diagnosis to raise money and awareness for the disease.
Max Levine was just eight when he found out his mother was diagnosed with the disease.
"She said she was getting surgery and I immediately broke out in tears," Levine says.
In that moment, he says he really wanted to help people through similar experiences.
Levine came up with pink helmet stickers of a bulldog, his school's mascot, then found someone who could print them.
His first batch of stickers was around 300, and Levine says after sending out an email on Oct. 1, 2021 he raised $500 within 30 minutes.
He hopes to double that number this year.
Levine also added a tennis racket dampener to make his cause more visible.
"I just want to be the person that helps someone else," he says.
Anyone who wants to purchase one of Levine's breast cancer awareness products can reach out to maxoutforpink@gmail.com