Roe decision inspires Great Neck student, 14, to organize women’s rights rally

A high school student upset about the overturning of Roe v. Wade organized a rally in Great Neck.
The demonstration occurred Sunday in Great Neck's Firemans Park.
The idea was brought about by a 14-year-old high school student Alyssa Wong who said she didn't pay much attention to abortion rights until it was overturned in June. She said she had to do something to make sure people are informed.
"It's really scary that they're just able to take away these rights," Wong said.
The sophomore at Great Neck South High School organized her friends and school clubs to take a closer look at women's rights. She then decided to have the rally. The demonstration grabbed the attention of state Sen. Anna Kaplan who was impressed these students would take up such an issue.
"For these women to understand…the gravity of it, and what's happening in this country – how a 50-year-old law can be disregarded – it shows that they are really tuned in," Kaplan said.
Though abortion rights has been insured in New York state, Kaplan and Wong said there is still more to be done here and in other states to ensure women's equality and the right to choose.
"Women face a lot of inequality in the workforce as well with inequality, and women trying to break through that glass ceiling that stops women from becoming leaders, so we are really trying to advocate now because if we don't advocate now, who will?" Wong said.
The rally also showcased several local female-run nonprofits and organizations.