Restrictions on catered events, wedding dancing officially relaxed

Monday marks the first day New York is relaxing its COVID-19 restrictions on dancing at weddings and other catered events.
The changes mean so-called "dance zones" are officially no more. Guests were only allowed to dance with their family or people seated at the same table.
Joseph Dale and Jordan Buffa are happy that no one will have to dance in a box for their wedding. The couple says everyone will be able to mingle now and it will be like one big party.
Now, the dance zone guidance will be replaced with social distancing and masks.
Catering hall owners like Michael Lessing say this is a step in the right direction but that some of the other restrictions still in place make it tough for booking a party.
"We're still capped at 150 maximum so that's the most we can have in this very big room," says Lessing. "And it's very difficult because people booked weddings and parties here because of the size of the space. And they're sitting there waiting to send out their A,B,C,D lists, waiting on the restrictions to get lifted."
According to the state, most of those capacity restrictions will be lifted on May 19.
Catered events can also resume at private homes above the gathering limit of 10 people indoors and 25 people outdoors.