Residents of 'sinking' condo say they'll be homeless

Residents of a Middle Island apartment building say they?ll be out on the street next week because their building is sinking and their condo board can?t afford to keep them in hotels any longer.
Linda Nigro says she and her neighbors at the Fairview at Artist Lake condominium complex have been staying in a hotel since August. They were told structural work had to be done to their building.
A fence surrounds the building 16, making it difficult for the residents to retrieve their belongings. Some residents say they have to get permission from the contractor to get inside.
Resident Marge Lawson says she had to cancel her lung cancer surgery because she has no place to recover. ?We don't have nobody,? Lawson says. ?So we'll be out on the street.?
The attorney for the property management company issued a statement saying: ?The Board of Managers of Fairview at Artist Lake condominium one will shortly be instituting a lawsuit in Supreme Court Suffolk County that will legally protect the rights of all unit owners.?