Residents complain about multiple power outages in Levittown neighborhood

Residents in one Levittown neighborhood say they've been dealing with repeated power outages over the past few weeks.
Resident Nicole Johnson told News 12 that there have been 10 power outages since July 7.  
"There's elderly people, people that are sick, people that have asthma. I have a small child who was scared to go to bed last night," she said.
PSEG Long Island crews told News 12 that they were able to pinpoint the cause of the outages. Crews found the problem near a transformer in the area by using a drone.
"They're looking for things that would short out that high-voltage power line, a tree limb laying against it, evidence of sparking or arching or burning," says John O'Connell of PSEG.
PSEG officials say residents will continue to see crews in the area while they work on fixing the problem.