Requiring employees to get vaccinated remains a gray area

As more people begin to physically return to their jobs, questions continue to be raised about employers requiring their workers to get vaccinated.
Some employees across the country are now being enticed by their employer to get the COVID-19 vaccine with cash or even paid time off.
Employment attorney Gary Phelan says according to a new report from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, federal employment laws don't prevent employers from requiring all employees who are physically going to work to get the vaccine.
"There's been a lot of uncertainty surrounding that question. Based on one survey, one third of employers thought they heard that it was legally prohibited. Now it may be in certain states. There's been legislation introduced, but generally that has not become law yet," Phelan said.
Four percent of employers are requiring their workers to get the vaccine, but 13% are undecided, according to Phelan.
"Any documentation that might be required related to the vaccine is considered a confidential record," he said.
Phelan says employers can't coerce employees to get vaccinated, especially those with disabilities.
The EEOC says it will continue to clarify its protocols.