‘Representation matters’ – Black artists inspire at Westbury Arts Festival

In celebration of Black History Month, News 12 is giving viewers a closer look at the Westbury Art Festival.
"As an artist you just have to continue to be who you are, don't change who you are for the mainstream, just be who you are," said Dr. Nichelle Rivers, an artist, educator and activist.
She says getting the opportunity to have her work on display at Westbury Arts not only highlights her work, but also gives her the change to hopefully inspire the next generation of artists.
"Representation matters,” she says.
Rivers, a native of Memphis, says she uses the vivid imagery of her work to show pain, turmoil, anger, misunderstanding and lack of acceptance.
By having her work on display on the Island, she hopes it shows other emerging artists that their work matters and should be seen by as many people as possible.
"I hope this inspires them,” she says. “You can get your work out there, even though as Black artists it's sometimes difficult for us to get the access and opportunity to really get the exposure of our work, seeing someone that looks like them here, I think gives them that hope."