Report: 4 retired superintendents from Long Island earned pensions more than $300K last year

A new report compiled by the Empire Center for Public Policy says four retired superintendents from Long Island school districts earned pensions of more than $300,000 last year.
The top 10 school superintendent pension recipients statewide all retired from districts on Long Island.
Two of the top four superintendents on the list retired from the school district in Commack. One of them, James Hunderfund, went on to become the school superintendent in Malverne, earning more than $500,000 per year when combined with his Commack pension and his Malverne salary.
Hunderfund's wife, Anna Hunderfund, will receive a $600,000 payout from the Locust Valley School District upon her retirement at the end of this school year.
Municipal finance expert George Marlin says in the near future, pensions like these may prove unsustainable.
"Getting 300 grand is egregious, No. 1. No. 2, the system wasn't set up for that. The system was to give you a helping hand, just like Social Security," said Marlin.
A spokesperson from the Commack School District points out that pension totals are calculated by the state comptroller's office, not the local districts, and pensions are ultimately paid out by a state retirement fund.