Detectives: Lake Ronkonkoma man arrested for death threat made against Rep. Garbarino

The threat comes after Garbarino, a Republican, voted in favor of President Joe Biden's infrastructure bill.
According to detectives, Kenneth Gasper, 64, made the threat over the phone toward Garbarino for a recent congressional vote that he did not agree with.
Garbarino's spokesperson says there are numerous other instances of harassment, both over the phone and in person at their offices. Hate messages were also posted outside the congressman's Massapequa Park office.
Garbarino said in a statement, "Unfortunately, there's been so much misinformation circulation and it's causing a lot of anger and confusion, but the truth is that the Infrastructure Bill is not the Reconciliation Bill. It's about paving roads, repairing bridges and bringing jobs back to Long Island. Anyone saying otherwise is trafficking in lies."
The other 12 Republican House members who voted for the bill have also been harassed.
Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green referred to the House members in a tweet as the "13 Republican traitors who voted to pass Biden's socialist infrastructure bill."
Former Rep. Peter King says it is "absolutely disgraceful" what is happening to his successor.
"I totally agreed with Andrew Garbarino's vote on the infrastructure bill, but whether I agree or not, this whole idea of threatening people, other members of Congress, giving out phone numbers to harass, intimidate or threaten is absolutely disgraceful," King says.
Earlier this week, former President Donald Trump reportedly told people at a Republican Congressional Committee dinner that the backers of the bill are "disloyal" and "Republican in name only."
Gasper is charged with aggravated harassment and second-degree assault.
He was arraigned on Thursday and is due back on Nov. 24 in First District Court in Hempstead.