Reflections on Race - 'What is it about the complexion of our skin that makes you so angry?'

Hempstead pharmacy liaison Carl Saunders says his family bought a house in Hempstead back in 1961. He reflected on some of his experiences in the area over the years.
Saunders quickly points out he has never been arrested and has never been on drugs -- he tells News 12's Thema Ponton this because "the rest of the world points out the opposite."
He recalls a time he was pulled over by the Hempstead Police Department when he was younger. He says police used a racial slur and also accused him of being drunk. He says his family was scared to take action because of fear of retaliation.
"Someone's always watching you. Whether you're in your car, in your house, there is someone always watching. It doesn't matter if you're a 15-year-old Black man, 55-year-old Black man, 85-year-old Black man," he says.
Saunders says the death of George Floyd has been humbling, sad and "makes Black men of America want to cry right now."
Saunders say he's always tried to figure out what it is about the complexion of his skin that others don't like.
"There's a good side to everyone, there's a bad side to everyone," he says. "What is it about the complexion of our skin that makes you so angry?"