Reflections on Race: 'Out here, people are very afraid to speak up'

"Even though Black Lives Matter movement came from like the killings of, the cops killing a lot of our Black men, lately a lot of our Black women have been like, have been being killed or assaulted or just hurt in some type of way, just because they want to speak up for their Black men," says Dozier. "And it's not fair and it's scary, and it's scary going, like I do face fears, like every single day. Even though I don't live in a community where I might have to be scared of a cop shooting my little brother in the street, it's still a reality that there might be some type of racial discrimination towards me. Like if I get pulled over, I'm going to be scared. If I pass by a cop playing loud music, I'm going to be scared. If I'm not wearing a mask during this coronavirus, I'm going to be scared - even though there's white people in the streets not wearing masks all the time. So it's a reality, no matter where you live."