Reflections on Race: 'It was not an easy task, but I stuck with it.' - Hempstead councilwoman looks back

Hempstead Town Councilwoman Dorothy Goosby looks back at her journey of getting to where she is now. She was born in in Florida when schools were segregated and her education meant getting lesser instruction and textbooks.
She credited one teacher who helped her with some subjects she wasn't allowed to learn during schools hours by working with her after school.
Goosby recalls how she left her home in order to find a job, and lived with a former neighbor in New York.
"I've always had a mouth, I've always spoken up, so my mom said, 'You've got to get away from here, if you don't get away from here, they're going to kill you.'"
Following a long fight in the courts, Goosby became the first African American woman to be elected as a councilmember in the Town of Hempstead.