Radioactive material revelation renews call for plume cleanup

The recent revelation regarding radioactive material at the old Grumman Aerospace facility in Bethpage has local lawmakers and water department officials once again calling on Northrop Grumman and the Navy to fully address the underground plume in Bethpage that has plagued the community for years.
The latest call for remediation comes after Newsday filed a freedom of information law request and obtained a report authored by Grumman and sent to the state Department of Environmental Conservation. It revealed that radioactive materials were handled at the old Grumman Aerospace facility. 
Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano and a pair of county lawmakers penned a letter, calling on the DEC to "release any and all documents relating to the use, storage and disposal of radioactive materials at what was once owned or operated by Grumman/Navy in the Bethpage/Hicksville area."
Along with obviously health concerns about their water supply, Bethpage residents say they have been frustrated by the small amounts of information that have come out over the decades. 
"I lived on one block where 13 people had cancer, and most of them passed away, including a brother-in-law of mine. That was years ago. So who knows what's ahead of us?" says Dorothy Cafiero. 
The state DEC says it will comply with County Executive Mangano's request and provide more information as it becomes available.
News 12 Long Island reached out to Northrop Grumman and the Navy for comment, but has not heard back.
Officials from the town and the local water districts reiterated once again that thanks to local efforts, the water is still safe to drink.