Crowds of people at Eisenhower Park show support for Israel

The event also served as a supply drive for people to donate items for those impacted by the violence in Israel.

Jon Dowding

Oct 10, 2023, 9:30 PM

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Thousands of people showed up to Eisenhower Park Tuesday to express their support for Israel.
The event also served as a supply drive for people to donate items for those impacted by the violence in Israel. Several rabbis and other community members spoke during the rally as well.
Tami Bekritsky, of West Hempstead, says some of her family friends in Israel are missing, and presumed dead. She said coming to Tuesday night’s rally has given her peace for the first time in days.
"It feels so safe and that I'm finally able to breathe. I'm not going through this alone,” she said. “The last few days have been a nightmare. To be here, is finally feeling like being with others who you can breathe and support and can understand the emotions you’re going through.”
Judi Winters, of East Hills, lived in Israel for years and has family over there now. She told me she's ready to jump on a plane and provide help in any way she can because for her, it's personal.
"To me it's a people, it's not just a religion,” she said.
She’s constantly getting updates from family about conditions in the country right now and some have been called in to serve in the military. Hearing and seeing what’s been happening has been hard.
"I'm very, very sad because it didn't need to come to this,” said Winters. "A group of people will be seriously damaged more so than they have been. The world has been negligent both in the Ukraine and with the Palestinian people."
Those we spoke to say the Jewish community needs support now more than ever.
"With the climate being as antisemitic as it is around the world, please just, humanity, ask your friend, see if they're OK. Give them a hug. Hold their hand,” said Bekritsky.
Larry Adler, from Hauppauge, says the violence and fighting needs to stop.
"You just got to hope and pray. It's all you can do,” said Adler.
County officials say they are continuing to increase patrols around Jewish community centers, synagogues, and businesses.
The loudest pleas tonight include answers about the location and condition of missing loved ones in Israel and for peace in the region.

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