Quadruplets from Massapequa win Newsday's Project Prom 2018

<p>This year's Newsday's Project Prom is four times the fun!</p>

News 12 Staff

Apr 30, 2018, 10:19 AM

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Every year, Long Islanders submit a special high school senior for their chance to win a shopping session, makeover, prom dress and feature story from Newsday. This year's Newsday's Project Prom is four times the fun! 
The Soldo quadruplets of Massapequa are the winners. Alexa, James, Robert and Nick got the ultimate shopping excursion with Newsday's style writer and prom fairy godmother Anne Bratskeir.
"Every teacher and every guidance counselor says that they are the nicest, most gracious, kind of children, so I'm really excited about it," says Anne.
With the help of Anne, her mom and her brothers, Alexa searched for the perfect prom dress at Bloomingdales. Then the boys tested out tuxes at MyTuxes at Gino's Galleria. 
"I feel so blessed I'm going to cry, they are such special kids, they are so good to me and we've been through a lot," says Judy Soldo.
The fun loving Soldo quads haven't had it easy - their dad died suddenly from a heart attack days after their 15th birthday - and they've had come together to help their family run both financially and emotionally.
"I feel like if my dad was here he'd be excited to go through this whole process because he never got to," says Alexa.
After prom pampering from Manhasset's nuBest Salon, the siblings were ready for their big photo shoot at Newsday's headquarters in Melville.
This year, readers get to vote on the prom outfit ensemble! 
Should the Soldos go classic with a twist, a look Newsday calls The Crooners?
Or should they go slightly more traditional, in what Newsday describes as Posh Prepsters?
Click here to vote on what they'll wear to the Plainedge High School prom.

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