PSEG LI: Most outages will be fixed by Sunday night; some work will bleed into Monday

PSEG Long Island President and Chief Operating Officer Daniel Eichorn says that the overall workload was larger then expected.

News 12 Staff

Aug 9, 2020, 1:06 PM

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PSEG Long Island says some of its customers will be without power for another day.
As of noon Sunday, PSEG Long Island said there are still about 35,000 homes without power on the Island.
The utility company says there are almost 5,600 people working 16-hour shifts to get power restored as some residents have been without electricity for almost a week. More crews are expected to arrive Monday.
Residents and business owners tell News 12 they have received inconsistent information about when the power will come back on. At one point, PSEG Long Island had said all of its customers would have power restored by Saturday.
PSEG Long Island President and Chief Operating Officer Daniel Eichhorn says that the overall workload was larger than expected.
"We recognize that there could be some work that could bleed into Monday," Eichhorn says. "How much that work is will really depend on the trouble that we find between now and then and how much time it takes our crews to restore the work."
The utility company says most customers should see power restored by Sunday night, but some will have to wait until Monday. Eichhorn would not guarantee that everyone would get power back Monday, though, during a meeting on Zoom Saturday.
Residents on Skyview Place in Melville tell News 12 they've had problems letting PSEG know about a downed tree with wires intertwining the branches blocking the road. They say they can't believe that something potentially hazardous could be left unchecked for so long.
The utility says that tree will be removed Sunday night.
A viewer sent News 12 a screenshot of their estimated restoration date in St. James, which has been changed to Tuesday. The owners of Tula Kitchen in Bay Shore also say they've been repeatedly been given inconsistent information from PSEG.

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