Protesters push back against ICE after acting director slams Green Light Law

Protesters pushed back against immigration officials Thursday after Immigration and Customs Enforcement slammed New York's Green Light Law.
The Green Light Law allows people living in the country illegally to get driver's licenses, and blocks federal immigration and border enforcement agencies from accessing state DMV information.
"Preventing ICE and CBP from accessing this data is dangerous," say acting ICE director Matthew Albence. "It's dangerous to the public and its dangerous to our officers and agents who are currently at greater risk of harm because they lack access to this data."
Recently, the Department of Homeland Security barred New Yorkers from enrolling in Trusted Travelers Programs in retaliation to the law.
Responding to the director's visit, Gov. Andrew Cuomo repeated his argument that ICE can access criminal records through the FBI, calling the situation all political.
Patrick Young, of the New York Immigration Coalition, says long lines seen recently at DMVs should be the only negative impact the law has on Long Island.
"We don't want unlicensed drivers, we don't want people who have insurance driving on the highways," says Young. "It's not something that's a threat. it's not something that will cause harm to New Yorkers."
Cuomo met with President Donald Trump a week ago about the Green Light Law, proposing a compromise where federal officials could request information of New Yorkers who apply to join a Trusted Traveler Program. The two did not reach an agreement.