'Project Menorah' hopes to fight hate and fear of Jewish people trying to celebrate

As many people across Long Island celebrate the second night of Hanukkah, some of the religious displays have been met with trepidation this year.
In the wake of an increase in antisemitic incidents, Rabbi Ira Ebbin tells News 12 a growing number of Jewish people on Long Island are hesitant to display their menorahs this Hanukkah out of concern for their safety.
“I just got a message yesterday, someone saying 'I don’t want to put my Hanukkah menorah out. I don’t want to put it in my window, I am feeling a sense of intimidation,'” he says.
Now, people of all faiths are being encouraged to put a menorah in their window, in addition to their own holiday decorations, to fight hate. This is happening all across the island and is part grassroots movement called ‘Project Menorah.’
Rabbi Ebbin says the support is so important and wished all a Happy Hanukkah.