Pro-impeachment demonstrators gather at Rep. Lee Zeldin’s office in Patchogue

Hundreds of residents gathered in front of Rep. Lee Zeldin's office in Patchogue to show support for the impeachment of President Donald Trump. 
This was one of many similar rallies organized across the country the night before the House of Representatives votes on impeachment.
Demonstrators say they came to Zeldin's office because of his support for the president and his expected vote against impeachment.
Rally organizer Shoshana Hershkowitz, of Setauket, says the country can't afford to wait to the next election.
"When you try to solicit interference in an election, when you violate the emoluments clause, when you continue to flout the law, there should be accountability no matter who you are," says Hershkowitz.
Meanwhile, Dave Drew, of Smithtown, came to counter the demonstration and show his support for President Trump.
"They want to impeach the president because they're sore losers," says Drew. "They lost the election and now they want to impeach the president with only malice. They don't have an issue. They're just sore losers who can't get over it. They're like children." 
Hershkowitz says that her support for the impeachment runs deeper.
"I've disagreed with George W. Bush on lots of things. I never did this," she says. "This isn't about an election. This is about the democracy we should all stand for no matter what party we're in." 
Organizers say more than 700 people came to the rally.
Rep. Zeldin told News 12 that he welcomes the participation.