Holocaust survivor fearful for future after another antisemitic incident on Long Island

A Holocaust survivor says she is fearful for younger generations due to a rise in antisemitism.
Edith Gross, 94, was 15 when she was imprisoned at Auschwitz.
"I really thought that the world had learned that hate creates death, nothing else," Gross says.
The most recent antisemitic incident on Long Island happened Friday when police say antisemitic and political flyers were found on students' cars near Bayport-Blue Point High School.
At drop-off, News 12 obtained a copy of one of the flyers that is too graphic to share.
The superintendent said in a letter to parents that students immediately brought the flyers to the attention of school officials, who alerted Suffolk police.
They added that, "Bayport-Blue Point works to provide a safe, inclusive learning environment that supports the needs for students and staff. Any reports of incidents that work against that are taken extremely seriously. Those found responsible for the dissemination of these flyers will be subject to strict disciplinary and/or action."
Suffolk police said the incident was not criminal. As a precaution though, authorities patrolled the area around the school.
"This is America," Gross says. "We're all Americans and we should just march in the neighborhoods with flags and everything and show that we are proud people."
The Anti-Defamation League says recent local antisemitic incidents are the work of a white supremacist group. Members of the ADL say the group wants visibility and recognition.
ADL Regional Director Scott Richman says the best way to combat hate is to spread love back.
"We live in a world or a country where there are free speech and people will say things that are offensive," Richman says. "People will say things in order to get a reaction. The best way to counter that is with counter speech, with good speech."
Suffolk County police tell News 12 they meet regularly with different groups and task forces to combat and address concerns in the community about antisemitism.
They are asking the public with any information about the incident near Bayport-Blue Point High School to give their department a call.